About Us

The original Coffee Drip Bag in the UAE- 100% Colombian Specialty #DripItDubai

The Flavour Nation is born from the love of coffee.

Humanity has a long history with the perfection of growing, roasting and drinking coffee and we don’t take that lightly. From speaking with everyone from friends and family to coffee fanatics, to experts, one thing became clear: the intersection between a great cup of coffee and ease of delivery was within reach, and we’re absolutely positive we’ve got it! Using four easy steps and our drip bag, you’ll be able to enjoy some of the best coffee in the country. In minutes, you’ll have an astonishingly great cup of coffee in your hands! We think that’s pretty magical.


 Our coffee drip bags are designed so you can enjoy the most beautiful cup at your convenience, and it works like magic.

In only four steps, you'll be ready to enjoy a beautifully brewed cup of some of the best beans in our country.      

Our Coffee

Our coffee is imported directly from five farms spread across the Colombian highlands, one of the very best coffee-growing regions in the world. Our 100% washed coffee comes entirely from Colombian locations where coffee grows best, specifically: between 1.200 (4,000ft) and 1.800 meters (6,000ft) above sea level, temperatures between 17 and 23 degrees centigrade (62-75F), and with an average yay rainfall of 2.000 millimeters (78 inches) per year.

Because great coffee comes in a variety of roast-types, flavour profiles, bodies and aromas, we chose growers and roasters that best present you with the spectrum of coffee types to choose from. Through this variety, we can offer coffee that works beautifully any way you like it.

We vary our flavour profiles as many times a year as possible, so you get a great sampling of a variety of Colombian specialty coffee. Through it all, our master roaster strives for a consistently outstanding result so that, no matter what you’re brewing, you’re only tasting the best.


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